1) Download Link

Download foliodot template —

2) Extract Link

Extract foliodot zip archive anywhere on your hard drive. Once extracted you will find provided files and folders.

Your actual website is within 'website' folder. From further on, you will work with files/folders located in this folder.

3) Content Link

Prepare your content you would like to use on website. Make sure to size your images for web, give them appropriate name and organize in folders. Read more about working with images.

4) Create Link

Create desired web pages or use provided ones as starting point. Follow simple foliodot convention about web page structure and required markup.

Insert your main content to the main html element. Remember, each child of main element is one foliodot inner page. Take a look to page source code in “examples” folder or check annotated html for more examples.

Make sure to update navigation links on every web page.

5) Preview Link

Open your web page in browser. Keep this page opened in browser during development. Use refresh button to update page in browser.

Quick check during preview:

  • Order of inner pages
  • Project images & thumbnails
  • Links & menu

6) Upload Link

Once your website is finished, upload content of “website” folder to you host. Upload destination depends on host, but it's usually “public_html” folder on your remote host.

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