Release date: 27.02.2018

Fixed Link

  • Bug parsing rich caption for A page element
  • Bug parsing self attribute for A page element
  • Bug with mouse wheel/trackpad trigerring multiple events causing sliding 2-3 pages at the time

Files changed Link

  • folio.min.js

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Release date: 17.05.2016

Fixed Link

  • Bug with vertical scrolling on mobile devices (triggered transition instead scrolling content).

Files changed Link

  • folio.min.js


Release date: 25.04.2016

What's new Link

  • Hidden pages

    Hide inner pages from the main project flow. Use hidden pages for content not directly related to your portfolio project — navigation menu, newsletter/contact form, social share widgets etc.

    Use hide attribute on page element to make hidden page:

        <article hide>
            this inner page will be hidden

    CSS helpers:

    • .on-page-hide event selector class and
    • .page-hide page selector class

    Configuration & options:

    • project.hiddenPages : true — enable/disable hidden pages in document. Enabled by default.
    • project.buttonClose : 'close' — configuration object for optional close button (available for hidden pages only)
  • SVG icons with UI buttons

    Set all or particular UI button (in project, thumbnails or sidebar section)* as SVG icon instead textual label.

    Configuration & options:

    • *.button{Type} : 'icon' — pass string 'icon' to use default SVG instead text label
    • *.button{Type}Icon : '<svg>' — pass SVG as string for particular button to define your own icon
    • content.ui : 'icon' — global button content option applies to all buttons in document: 'icon' or 'text' (default)
  • Swipe gestures

    Support for swipe left/right detection for advancing through pages. Available for all devices.

    Configuration & options:

    • content.gestures : true — enable/disable swipe gestures. Enabled by default.
  • Position css utility
  • Visibility css utility
  • 'Scale' transitions: 'left-scale', 'right-scale', up-scale' and 'down-scale'

Updated Link

  • Responsive helpers added to css text size CSS utility
  • Added dash value separator to "-text-line-*"
  • Added dash value separator to "-text-break-*"
  • Changed keyboard object keys to lowercase & removed '-page' suffix
  • Internal CSS/JS improvements

Fixed Link

  • In .ph-0 class removed double !important flag
  • JS error when last project page is flickr page
  • Image squeezed when image height is larger that window height
  • Mouse wheel navigation sometimes not responding

Files changed Link

  • folio.min.css
  • folio.min.js
  • index.html


Release date: 15.02.2016

Initial release