Foliodot license is required in order to use foliodot template on live website. You can purchase your foliodot license from page.

Activation data Link

To activate your foliodot license you will need following data:

  • License email address

    is received via email notification upon license purchase. It is email address your license is associated to. One email address can be associated with more licenses.

  • License key

    is received via email notification upon license purchase. License key is unique alpha-numerical string which you will use to activate single license. For each purchased license one unique key is issued.

  • Licensed domain

    is domain name of website where foliodot template will be used. This is usually your or your client's website. Domain name doesn't contain 'www' or 'http' part in its name. Here is an example of our domain name:

    • Good:
    • Bad:
    • Bad:

Activation process Link

  1. 1) Visit
  2. 2) Enter activation data (see above)
  3. 3) Hit 'Activate' button
  4. 4) Upon validation, you will get confirmation message.

Once license is activated, foliodot template may be used on live website under licensed domain.